A Note of Gratitude

Dear friends of Loring,

It has been a stressful two weeks for Northern California. As you may know, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County were hit particularly hard by fires. This is where Loring is headquartered and the area where most of our employees make their homes.

We are happy to report that every single one of our employees and their families are safe. We are humbled by the swift action of first responders, dedication of firefighters across California, and the rally of our community. Loring headquarters have not been damaged. All but one of our employee’s homes have been spared. Many of our staff were evacuated, but have now been allowed to return home.

We appreciate that many of you have taken time to check on our safety and shared your wishes of well-being. We are working to find housing for those who are displaced, and helping whenever and wherever we can.  After some thought, we have decided that our immediate goal for customers and staff is to return to normal as quickly as we can. It is what we do now, that will preserve income for our employees, and ensure support for our customers in the months ahead.

Please continue to visit our website, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

With deep gratitude,

Robert Austin
Loring Smart Roast

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