Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Loring roaster, our destoners effectively remove foreign objects from roasted coffee beans via a vacuum lift.

Loring D70 Destoner

Protect your coffee and equipment

Reduce risk of foreign matter in your coffee, and potential damage to your grinders and other equipment.

  • Rugged stainless steel frame, chute and hopper
  • Self-modulated feeding for unattended operation; will not clog or jam
  • Fast transfer; rated lift time is typically 2-3 minutes depending on bean size and density
  • Built-in cyclone filter dust collection system
  • Easy access to stone collection drawer
  • Perfect alignment for the transfer of beans from the cooling tray of the matching Loring roaster; roaster cooling tray rotates smoothly to work with the destoner and away for non-destoner operations
  • Conveniently located operator panel with variable speed settings to accomodate different bean sizes and densities
  • View windows in both chute and hopper

Compare Destoner Models

D35 D70
Pairs with S35 Kestel S70 Peregrine
Batch size (green) 35 kg 70 kg
Process time 125 sec 200 sec
Width 37.9 in (96.3 cm) 45.9 in (116.6 cm)
Depth 47.8 in (121.4 (cm) 52.7 in (133.9 cm)
Height 83.6 in (212.2 cm) 91.5 in (232.3 cm)
Weight 420 lb (190 kg) 540 lb (245 kg)
Power options Single phase or 3 phase 3 phase

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