Loring Roast Architect is a Windows-based application that enhances the control and display of roast data for owners of Loring roasters. It includes the ability to precisely design and edit roast profiles on your computer, display post-roast data as a graph, and capture detailed diagnostic information. Available only for existing Loring owners.

Key Features:

Profile Designer

Create and edit roast profiles anytime, anywhere. You have precise control over your profile, through a combination of enterable attributes and a point-and-click curve editor. Set your roast length and turn around point (TAP) to the second. Zoom in and use your mouse to drag points on the curve to create the perfect profile. When ready, upload your profile from Roast Architect directly to your roaster. Your masterpiece is ready to roast.

Roast Log Graphing

Display your post-roast email logs as an easy-to-read graph. No spreadsheet wrangling required. Check boxes allow you to easily choose which attributes to display, including thermocouple readings, rate of rise (RoR), burner percentage, and crack events. Print your preferred view, or export it to PDF, directly from Roast Architect. Convert a post-roast log to a Baseline that you can edit and run again later.

Network Ready

Roast Architect will auto-discover Loring roasters on your local network, making it easy to upload and download individual roast profiles. You can also use Roast Architect to create an archive of all the Roast Profiles on your roaster, so that you always have a backup. In addition, Roast Architect provides a convenient way to perform roaster software updates.

View Roast Architect Datasheet

Click below to read more and install Roast Architect. Available only for existing Loring owners.