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The S70 Peregrine takes the efficiency and precision of Loring roasters and expands it to true 1-bag (70kg) capacity. The Loring S70 Peregrine is capable of yearly production volumes of up to 600 tons.

Loring S70 Peregrine Coffee Roaster with C70 Bean Cart and D70 Destoner
shown with C70 bean cart and optional D70 destoner
Loring Smokeless Roaster Patent
Smokeless Roasting

Loring’s patented single-burner design provides heat to roast your beans, as well as incinerator smoke. This delivers a smokeless roasting process, no external afterburner required.

Precise Control

The heat transfer properties of a Loring roaster’s stainless steel roast chamber, combined with convection heating process and responsive thermocouples, allows you to precisely control your bean temps, as well as make quick changes to the heat inside the roast chamber.

Loring Roaster Touch Screen

Touchscreen Standard

A 12-inch touchscreen control is standard on every Loring roaster and provides fingertip access to its functions. Dropping green from the hopper, discharging beans from the roast chamber, and manipulating burner settings all happen with a touch. Roast profile graphs give you real-time feedback on the progress of your roast onscreen.

Consistent Results

A Loring roaster’s paddle bean agitation provides consistent results by constantly keeping beans lofted in the roast chamber. Beans are not only moved from bottom to top, but also back to front. Ensuring consistency of bean temp and color within your roast.

Recipe Mode


Using roast recipes, you can consistently reproduce your favorite profiles again and again. Charging the roast chamber with green from the hopper, burner adjustments, bean discharge, and even cooling tray operations can be fully automated.

If you prefer to roast manual, you can of course take over the controls at any time, and modify your roast on the fly.

Safer by Design

Loring roasters are designed with safety as a top priority. The system will auto shutdown if temperatures should exceed normal operating range. Alarms and automated sensing systems help warn and prevent issues that could arise during the roasting process. Our self-cleaning hot stack minimizes the build up of flammable substances to mitigate the chance of a stack fire. Quenching systems on the cyclone and chaff barrel can sense danger and inject water automatically, or with manual controls. A clutch on the cooling tray paddle system will stop turning when excess resistance is detected.

Loring coffee roaster safety features

All Loring Roasters Feature

US Flag icon Stainless Steel icon 1 Year Icon

Made in U.S.A.

Hand built and individually tested.

Stainless Steel

Rugged, stylish, and hygienic.

1 Year Warranty

Limited warranty on parts and labor.

Quick cooling icon Piggy bank icon Flower icon

Quick Cooling

Cool full batch in 4 minutes.

Lower Operating Costs

80% less than other roasters

Better for the Environment

Lower emissions, without an afterburner.

Tech Specs

Min Batch Capacity 30.8 lb (14 kg)
Max Batch Capacity 154 lb (70 kg)
Height 132 in (335 cm)
Width 93 in (235 cm)
Length 136 in (345 cm)
Weight 3,200 lb (1,452 kg)
Green bean vacuum lift Standard
Roast chamber auto discharge door Standard
12-inch touch screen with automation Standard
Bean cart C70 included
Destoner D70 optional