Our Story

While running a small coffee packaging business, Mark Loring Ludwig became frustrated with his inefficient and unreliable coffee roaster. His experience installing and repairing food processing equipment told him there had to be a better way. In 1998, he set to work on a design that would not only improve reliability, but effectively eliminate the need for an external afterburner. Five years later, he had invented the world’s first machine capable of smokeless coffee roasting.

Mark Ludwig Office

In the early days, I searched for a coffee roaster that could run reliably, deliver consistent results, and be fuel efficient. Unable to find one, I decided to design it myself. — Mark Ludwig, Founder

Loring Today

Loring has grown from a single man with an idea, to an innovative company led by a seasoned management team. With coffee roasters operating in more than 30 countries, Loring continues to supply clean and efficient roasting solutions to specialty coffee roasters around the world.

Research & Development

Loring products are designed, developed, and made by hand in California USA.