“With the Loring roaster you don't see fumes coming out of your roastery. The smoke is incinerated within the roaster. It's much cleaner and more efficient, using less gas while producing more.”

Tim Wendelboe, Tim Wendelboe

“I want to see coffee shine every step along the way, and from a coffee and sustainability standpoint, we look at our Loring roaster as the center of our world.”

Jim Chapman, Black Coffee Roasting Co.

“The ease of use allows us to focus on the roasting and developing of the actual coffee and less in predicting and handling the design of the machine.”

Alvaro Sanchez,
Toby’s Estate

“This machine is the most controllable and well built machine I have ever worked on.”

Rob Hoos,
Nossa Familia Coffee

“Apart from the already recognizable consistency of our coffee roasts, every month we look forward to lower gas bills.”

Wells Trenfield,
Jasper Coffee

“Loring provides a 100% greater, smoother, brighter taste compared to our old roaster.”

Simo Kristidhi,
Solberg & Hansen

“Loring will give you consistent perfection. Coffee that comes from a Loring is clean, bright, and pure.”

Ryan Yacura,
SuperBa Coffee

“I still smile when I think about the Loring’s efficiency when it comes to fuel usage. It’s made a world of difference in my business, allowing me to more than double.”

Robbie Roberts,
Joe Van Gogh

“Our Loring roaster allows us to easily create unique coffee profiles that our customers love while being easy to clean, quiet, and reliable.”

Mark Broten,
Los Beans

“Our coffee is simply better with the Loring Smart Roaster.”