Loring Introduces the S7 Nighthawk

New Automated Convection Roaster with 7 kg Capacity

HOTELEX SHANGHAI, China — March 26, 2018 — Loring Smart Roast today introduced the S7 Nighthawk coffee roaster, delivering the control and efficiency that Loring roasters are known for to users that require a smaller form factor. Like Loring’s larger capacity roasters, the S7 Nighthawk includes a touchscreen that can be used for manual roasting, or to run roast profiles that automatically control temperature, charging the roast chamber, and discharge to the cooler tray.

“Shanghai Fortunecaffe is honored to have the opportunity to preview the S7 Nighthawk at HOTELEX Shanghai, which in our opinion is a game changer,” commented Gordon Chang, President of Shanghai Fortunecaffe, Loring’s exclusive distributor for China and Hong Kong. “This is a new chapter in Loring product line development, and the perfect product to enter a market segment that is booming in China.”

The S7 offers a 1.4 to 7 kg roasting capacity featuring Loring’s patented single-burner design, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions than conventional roasters. With its compact 22 square foot (2 sq m) space requirement, the Nighthawk will let businesses with smaller spaces and roasting capacity enjoy the control and efficiency benefits that were previously only available in larger capacity Loring roasters.

“The Loring S7 Nighthawk makes the advantages of our Loring roasters available to a new segment of the coffee roasting market,” said Gordon Tredger, President of Loring Smart Roast. “It offers the same precise control and energy efficiency that are valued by Loring customers around the world, and provides it in a new, compact form factor.”

The S7’s touchscreen interface provides precise control over the entire roasting process. The included automation software delivers consistency from one roast to the next. Loring’s innovative control system also allows for roast profiles to be accurately repeated across batch sizes, and even from one sized roaster to another, empowering businesses as they scale.

The S7 Nighthawk may be seen in the Shanghai Fortunecaffe Co. booth #E6D62 at the HOTELEX trade show (March 26-29, Shanghai) and Loring Smart Roast booth #2425 at SCA Global Specialty Coffee Expo (April 20-22, Seattle).

Pricing and availability information to follow at a later date. To learn more, please visit: www.loring.com/roasters/s7-nighthawk.

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