Loring Announces Major Update

SANTA ROSA, California — April 12, 2018 — Loring Smart Roast today introduced a series of enhancements to its commercial coffee roasters, which now come standard on the S15 Falcon™, S35 Kestrel™ and S70 Peregrine™ models. The updates are the latest example of Loring gathering customer feedback to drive engineering developments and provide greater value to Loring roaster users.

“These updates reflect our continuous innovation to improve the roasting experience for our customers,” said Henry Perez, Director of Engineering. “They incorporate several important changes to the roasters that make them less complex, easier to maintain and more user-friendly.”


The upgraded roasters feature an impressive list of 133 enhancements. The most significant new feature is the adjustable arm on the touchscreen enclosure that allows the screen to be to easily be read from different angles and in changing light conditions. It is more ergonomic, and adaptable to the physical needs of different operators.

A redesigned cooling tray screen delivers a 15% reduction in cooling time. In addition, Loring roasters now include an electrical outlet, which allows the roaster to be a convenient charging point for a bean cart or a power source for a computer. Loring customers will also enjoy the improved placement and labeling of lights, buttons, and controls.

Pricing and Availability

The upgraded Loring roasters are available to order today from Loring Smart Roast or a Loring Authorized Distributor. For more information, please visit: loring.com/roasters.

Upgrade kits for existing Loring S15 Falcon, S35 Kestrel, and S70 Peregrine machines will be available at a future date, allowing customers to take advantage of the benefits of enhanced cooling time and the ergonomic benefits of the adjustable arm on the touchscreen enclosure.

About Loring Smart Roast

Loring designs, manufactures and markets the most innovative coffee roasting solutions in the world, along with destoners, bean carts, and custom roaster accessories.

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