Introducing Yo Loring

Virtual Roasting Assistant with Voice Control

SANTA ROSA, California — April 1, 2021 — Loring Smart Roast today announced Yo Loring​, an intelligent roasting assistant that responds to your voice.

“Our Loring Control System combined with voice recognition is a revolution in roasting,” said Gordon Tredger, the Company’s President. “The ability to run your roaster hands free gives Loring owners the ultimate in operational flexibility.”

Yo Loring understands context allowing you to speak naturally when you ask it questions, for example, if you say “Log first crack” it understands you are adding a notation to your roast in progress. Yo Loring can also set pre-roast values like batch size and initial burner setting, prior to charging your green coffee. You can even ask Yo Loring to tell you a joke.

“I can imagine voice control being a big boost in productivity. Though I might also become less productive now that I can carry on a conversation with my roaster,” said Rob Hoos, CEO of Hoos Consulting. “It knows my darkest secrets, like that I am really into French roasted coffees. That part scares me a little.”

You can also ask Yo Loring to help you with routine maintenance. “Yo Loring! How full is the chaff barrel?” Yo Loring will respond, “I don’t know. How much chaff can a chaff barrel chock full of chaff if a chaff barrel could chock full of chaff?”

Additional Features

  • Set pre-roast values like batch size, initial burner setting and charge temperature
  • Convert values between Fahrenheit and Kelvin, pounds and stones
  • Log notes while roasting, including first crack, color changes, second crack
  • Get reminders of important events, like Groundhog Day

Pricing and Availability

Yo Loring will be available as part of a free software update via Loring Control System v4.1.21 Initially Yo Loring will recognize commands in English, but will soon also add support for Bocce. For more information, please visit:

About Loring

Loring Smart Roast, in Santa Rosa, California, designs and manufactures the most innovative coffee roasting solutions in the world, including destoners, bean carts and custom roaster accessories for its high-efficiency coffee roasters. More information at

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