First Loring S7 Nighthawk Lands at The Roasterie

November 8, 2018, Santa Rosa, Calif. – Loring Smart Roast will install its first S7 Nighthawk coffee roaster next week at the appropriately flight-themed The Roasterie in Kansas City, Mo. The latest – and smallest – in Loring’s line of high-efficiency coffee roasters, the S7 Nighthawk requires only 22 square feet of floor space. Its compact footprint and relatively small (1.4-7-kilogram) roasting capacity allows customers working in smaller spaces or with smaller batch sizes to access the efficiency and control of a Loring roaster.

For The Roasterie, which this year celebrates 25 years in business as an industry leader, the S7 Nighthawk will be the fourth in their impressive collection of Loring roasters. Indeed, this enthusiasm for Loring engineering and technology is on display behind a glass viewing wall at the company’s café and roastery where customers can sip a latte and watch roast masters at work.

Gordon Tredger, Loring Smart Roast president, says, “We couldn’t have dreamed up a better customer than The Roasterie to have our first S7 Nighthawk. They’ve allowed the efficiencies of Loring roasters to really shine in their roast-to-order model where freshness and quality are top priority.”

Craig Park, green coffee buyer for The Roasterie, says of the acquisition, “The addition of the Loring S7 will allow us to take the same efficiency, consistency and controllability we’ve come to appreciate so much and apply it even to our smallest batch sizes, including our line of micro- and nano-lot Reserve coffees.”

Like Loring’s larger-capacity roasters, the S7 Nighthawk’s touchscreen interface provides precision control throughout the entirety of the roasting process. Its automation software delivers consistency from one roast to the next, and an innovative control system allows for roast profiles to be accurately repeated across batch sizes, and even from one sized roaster to another. This is especially important for customers, like The Roasterie, whose goal is to replicate roast profiles on any and all of its variously sized Loring roasters.

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