v2 Control System Product Details

Loring Control System (LCS) v2 provides a larger touchscreen, increased flexibility with precise control of roasts thanks to PID-driven Profile Roasting, and a more responsive interface.

Advanced Display

LCS v2 comes with a screen that is 20 percent larger than the legacy 10.4-inch model. It also delivers a familiar QWERTY onscreen keyboard.

  • 12.1-inch touch screen
  • Better brightness and contrast
  • Higher resolution
  • More responsive user interface. Switching screens is faster, and buttons react more quickly

Interface Improved

• Easier to read, with improved layout of gauges and controls, making critical roast information more accessible
• QWERTY keyboard
• Easy access to network and email settings
• Cropster plug-and-play on 6-slot machines, no Phidget needed

PID-Driven Profile Roasting

LCS v2 includes an enhanced PID-driven profile roasting feature. It allows you to dial in a baseline profile that can be run at different batch sizes, or on different Loring roasters, and get consistent results. This is achieved through a combination of carefully defined charge temperatures and burner settings that prepare the roast for the turn around. The PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) control then takes over, actively monitoring bean temperature, and automatically increasing / decreasing the burner percentage to follow the baseline curve. This happens multiple times per second to achieve a predetermined bean temperature at a given time. This results in much more fine-grained temperature control, and repeatability of roast results regardless of batch size.