Savings Calculator Estimates

The Loring savings calculator estimates how much money you can save and carbon emissions you can reduce by using a Loring roaster’s patented system.

Fuel cost is based on US national average of $1.40 per therm of natural gas, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therms consumption assumes high fire 50% of roast time.

The savings calculator estimates energy savings by using some basic information that you provide – your batch size, and how many hours you roast per week. Here’s how the calculator uses that information:

  • Batch size: The size of your roaster significantly impacts the amount of gas that you use for roasting beans and incinerating smoke. The savings calculator uses BTU specifications for roasters and their associated thermal oxidizer to create a comparison for a given batch size.

This is an estimate and not a guarantee of savings. Actual savings vary based on your roasting volume, utility rates and equipment.