Designed for peace of mind.

  • Self-cleaning hot stack. Minimizes the buildup of flammable substances to reduce the chance of stack fires.

  • Chaff barrel quench. After every roast, hi-temperature sensor automatically triggers injection of water into chaff barrel to cool it off.

  • Temperature monitoring. System goes into auto-shutdown if temperatures should exceed normal operating range.

Designed with you in mind.

  • Cooling tray paddle safety stop. When excess resistance is detected, a clutch on the cooling tray paddle system will stop turning.

  • No exposed belts or pulleys. Clean design protects mechanisms for free movement around your roaster.

  • Green bean dust collection available on most models. Gathers particles from surrounding workspace to minimize green dust exposure.

Quality makes the difference.

We design, fabricate, and test our roasters in our very own facility in Northern California. All that separates R&D from our fabricators is a safety window, so we’ve got all eyes on the machine, always. Out the door, our roasters are dialed down to details for a superior roasting experience.

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  • “The ease of use allows us to focus on the roasting and developing of the actual coffee and less in predicting and handling the design of the machine.”

    Alvaro Sanchez,
    Toby’s Estate

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