Loring Smart Roast Introduces Full Bag Roaster


Loring Smart Roast Introduces Full Bag Roaster

New 70 kg Roaster Brings Loring’s Technical Innovations to High Volume Coffee Roasters

Santa Rosa, CA — November 26th, 2012 — Loring Smart Roast has unveiled their new Peregrine 70 kg coffee roaster that will become the flagship model of their product line alongside the smaller Kestel 35 kg and Merlin 15 kg roasters.

Incorporating Loring’s proprietary flavor-lock roast process, the Peregrine roaster was designed to bring Loring’s unparalleled control and energy efficiency technology to artisan roasters who require large capacity roasters. The Peregrine features the same-patented single smokeless roaster design; touch screen computer controls, programmable roast profiles, and high-speed cooling system as Loring’s award winning 15 kg and 35 kg roasters. The new larger capacity Peregrine is spec’d to handle standard yearly production volumes of up to 600 tons (3,500,000lbs if ran continuously) and echoes Loring’s commitment to the environment with an estimated 80% reduction in energy usage compared to traditional roasters using conventional afterburners of the same capacity.

“With the Peregrine roaster we wanted to take all of the amazing features we pioneered with our smaller roasters and scale them to meet the needs of higher volume artisan coffee companies.” Mark Ludwig, Founder of Loring Smart Roast.

Previously, high volume roasters had to choose between conventional roasters that relied on inefficient afterburner and limited control of the roast process. Loring’s goal with the Peregrine was to offer these roasters a premium alternative to conventional roaster with the same cutting edge advancements found in Loring’s smaller capacity roasters.

About Loring Smart Roast
California based Loring Smart Roast is pioneering in the coffee industry with the introduction of innovative commercial coffee roasting machinery that utilizes their patented Flavor-Lock Roast ProcessTM and a sophisticated parametric profiling system that gives roastmasters the unmatched ability to extract the flavor they want in every bean they roast.
Roastmasters using Loring products can now consistently create great tasting coffee. Loring combined this advancement with dramatic fuel savings as a result of eliminating the need for an afterburner found on conventional roasting machines. This allow for an incredibly efficient roasting process as Loring roasters greatly reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and operating cost by up to 80% and allowing Loring to redefine coffee roasting worldwide.

To learn more about Loring, its team, or its continued growth please contact:
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