Loring Integrates New Beijer HMI

Loring Smart Coffee Roaster with a New HMI from Beijer Electronics Reduces Green House Emissions and Cuts Energy Costs by Up to 80%

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — June 6, 2014 — Combining the latest HMI innovation with a sustainable, smart coffee roaster, resulting in a great tasting cup of coffee every time is something almost everyone can appreciate. However, as with most machine control and monitoring technical achievements, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Loring Smart Roast, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of smart coffee roasters known for offering optimum control and energy efficient roasting technology, featuring their patented Flavor-Lock Roast Process for artisan coffee roasting companies. The closed-loop roasting environment of Loring’s unique Flavor-Lock Roast process eliminates the need for an afterburner and produces a cleaner, clearer and brighter cup of coffee every time. Its low oxygen environment preserves coffee flavor and as a result reduces CO2 emissions and slashes fuel costs by up to 80% for their customers. The company has an ever growing list of customer testimonials documenting the savings and green results thanks to an energy savings calculator they devised.

But even a company with a long history of developing smart roasters known for incredible control, consistency and producing award tasting coffee, Loring Smart Roast realized that there’s always room for improvement, in order to stay a few steps ahead of competitors. The company wanted to overhaul their product offering of smart roasters with a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) that would take operator productivity, connectivity and efficiency to the next level of operational excellence. The touch panel interface is the key point of contact for the roaster operator to the smart coffee roaster, so improving the interaction and control of their roasters by adding advanced functionality and remote monitoring capabilities would help their customers meet key performance metrics (KPIs) and goals.

After an extensive search, Loring selected Beijer Electronics, a company that over the past 30+ years has focused solely on developing a wide range of HMI solutions that help companies enhance control, monitoring and diagnostics of their equipment and machinery.

Bob Austin, President and CEO of Loring Smart Roast adds, " After reviewing many operator panels, we chose the EXTER T100 by Beijer Electronics because of its superior SCADA-like software capabilities." He further explains, " With the EXTER T100, our roasting chambers can be controlled remotely in real-time and customers receive an email at the end of each roast with detailed roast data. "

Extremely satisfied with the selection of Beijer as their HMI partner, Loring is now featuring the EXTER T100 on all three of its newest roaster models: the A15 Merlin, S35 Kestrel and the S70 Peregrine roasters. The Beijer EXTER T100 controls the entire roasting process and allows operators and facility managers to easily control the temperature and humidity of the coffee roasting chambers for consistent roasting that produces great tasting coffee cup after cup. The operator can also run the machine in both manual and automated modes with Beijer’s EXTER T100 HMI solution.

Anissa Howell, National Sales Manager from Beijer Electronics states, " We are excited Loring Smart Roast chose Beijer’s EXTER T100 to be an instrumental and critical part of their machine control and monitoring solution.” Anissa also adds, " Our powerful HMI hardware and intuitive information designer programming software, combined with their sustainable roasting technology, delivers a powerful integrated solution that will satisfy even the most demanding coffee roaster customers."

The EXTER T100 from Beijer Electronics is a 10.4” durable yet lightweight HMI panel with a 64K color TFT-LCD display, touch screen, a high-performance Intel XScale processor and easy-to-use yet powerful Information Designer application software. Information Designer allows you to easily create applications to efficiently interface between systems, machines and operators. For more information about the EXTER product line, visit http://beijerinc.com/product/industrial/exter-panels.php.

About Beijer Electronics
For over thirty years, Beijer Electronics has designed and manufactured human machine interface (HMI) products for industrial OEMs and vehicle systems integrators. Products include automation software, operator panels, industrial/panel PCs and environmentally-rugged HMIs.

Since its start-up in 1981, Beijer Electronics has evolved into a multinational group present in twenty-two countries. Beijer Electronics is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm’s Small Cap list under the ticker BELE. For more information, contact Beijer Electronics, Inc. at 801-466-8770 or visit www.beijerinc.com.

About Loring Smart Roast
California based Loring Smart Roast is pioneering in the coffee industry with the introduction of innovative commercial coffee roasting machinery that utilizes their patented Flavor-Lock Roast Process™ and a sophisticated parametric profiling system that gives roast masters the unmatched ability to extract the flavor they want in every bean they roast.

Roastmasters using Loring products can now consistently create great tasting coffee. Loring combined this advancement with dramatic fuel savings as a result of eliminating the need for an afterburner found on conventional roasting machines. This allows for an incredibly efficient roasting process as Loring roasters greatly reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and operating cost by up to 80% and allowing Loring to redefine coffee roasting worldwide. For more information, contact Loring Smart Roaster at 707-526-7215 or visit www.smartroaster.com.