We understand the importance of recording data to track your roasting pursuit, so we integrated a touchscreen that automatically logs and emails your roasting data. Never lose track of those numbers again.

The journey of the bean

Traditional roasting processes involve manual labor to charge, discharge, and cool your beans. Every Loring roaster includes automation that handles these tasks for you, saving you time and energy from start to final product.

  • Vacuum lifts green beans for loading
  • Charger loads green beans to roast chamber
  • Discharger unloads roasted beans to cooler tray
  • Cooling tray fan reduces cooling time
  • Stirring paddles vent and protect roasted beans
Go big with the S70 Peregrine

If you’re in the market for a 1-bag roaster, you mean (even more) serious business. Lock in your profile and churn out volume by the bag with the S70 Peregrine. Our bean cart comes standard to further an efficient workflow. And, we offer an optional auto gate for easy transition of cooled beans, and an automatic destoner to clean up your post-roast process.

  • S70 Auto gate – Discharge cooler tray to D70 destoner loading hopper
  • D70 destoner – Auto activate vacuum to destone and lift roasted / destoned beans to hopper
  • Cooler tray discharge (S70 only)
  • Destoner auto lift (S70 only with autogate)