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About Us

Our mission is to help our customers achieve coffee roasting perfection, reduce their costs, and help protect the environment. We make it our business to build innovative, fuel-efficient, elegantly crafted commercial coffee roasters while reducing overall costs of ownership.

Our success is being built upon a foundation of shared values - integrity, impeccable quality, environmental responsibility, and cost efficiency. Our vision is to be the customers' best choice in coffee roasting equipment and our customers look to us to provide clever and elegant solutions that address the inadequacies they have experienced with our competitors. We incorporate new technology, user-friendly components, advanced design and craftsmanship to create environmentally respectful, space conserving, low maintenance, competitively priced coffee roasters.


Mark Loring Ludwig - Founder

Mark’s innovative, original, and highly detailed designs are the heart and soul of the Loring brand.  His creativity has led to a series of international patents, and has brought this company to the attention of roastmasters worldwide.  His attention and careful consideration have poured forth over every aspect and detail of the designs to produce the most efficient, sustainable, low maintenance roasters you can own.  Our customers are winning a disproportionately high number of awards and producing some of the best-roasted coffee products in the world. Customer focus is a priority. "I strive to produce in our customers, in every aspect of our relationship with them, and with regard to the overall experience of our equipment, an upwelling of true joy!"

Mark draws on more than 30 years experience in the design and engineering of packaging and food processing machinery.  His entrepreneurial experience includes a coffee roasting company and a contract tea packaging business as well.  Originally responsible for all aspects of design and manufacturing, he is proud that this business has grown to the point it now supports a robust production facility and a crack engineering and sales team with products shipped to 20+ countries (and growing).

Bob Austin - President & CEO

With 40+ years of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing experience in industrial instrumentation and control products - Bob has recently joined Loring to consolidate the organization, and bring the new leadership that will continue to grow the company, and provide the quality products Loring has provided over the past 10 years.   Bob's experience with companies such as Hewlett Packard, Anritsu, and Dover Industries, plus his engineering education at Seattle University and Stanford University bring just the right balance of technical and business expertise to the company to build on the success that Mark and Scott have accomplished.

Greg Schiller - Director, Engineering

Greg has over 20 years of experience working across multiple branches of engineering. His technical training and experience encompass the fields of software, electrical and mechanical engineering and provides a broad background in developing robust systems and solutions that advance design and function. Greg has designed machines and systems for high demand industries such as packaging, semiconductor, food production, oil production and government surveillance systems. “The culmination of my entire experience is going into the heart and soul of Loring and its products. We seek to redefine the experience of roasting coffee and amplify the creative reach of our clients in their creations of epic cups of coffee.  Loring is committed to the quality of the machine and the roasting experience.  No branch of knowledge shall be ignored in our pursuit of a perfect roaster.”

Scott Robinson - Director, Manufacturing & Customer Service

Scott has more than 30 years experience building some of the finest pieces of equipment in the world for food processing and transportation. Under his leadership, Loring has been able to consistently improve its quality and reduce its costs, enabling the company to deliver high performance products at attractive prices to a global market.

Mel Gurney - Roastmaster

Mel trained early & hard as a biomedical scientist, developing the analytic skills and appreciation for solid, reproducible data that supports & inspires his creative processes in coffee roasting. He spent more than 3 years researching and testing roasters, even building his own roaster, in his quest to produce artisanal coffee that tasted great every time. For the artisanal roaster, the analytic controls he needed were profoundly lacking, existing only in the multimillion dollar platforms used by massive corporations. In the Loring roasters, he found “every conceivable analytic” measured and recorded in 6 second increments. “I was no longer limited by the machine. I was only limited by what I could do. It freed me to use my creativity to play with established profiles and make them better.”